We believe that the best possible results of Sales individuals and Sales Teams can be achieved by training and coaching the Sales force and provide them with the most effective workflow. By analyzing the Sales Process and measuring kpi’s we can establish conversion numbers who indicate where and what we can improve. With this information we can optimize the sales process and the training and coach session both for individual development as well as for team building. In the end there is only one goal, more sustainable revenue for the company.

Interim Management

We provide Interim Management for several reasons. It could be to achieve cultural change, conduct a reorganisation, to implement a new Sales System, to bridge a period or Crisis Management. We like to talk about the needs for your company.


Our approach is based on the first step at which we analyse the available Sales data. We want to determine how the kpi's and conversion rates of the Sales process and Sales force relate to an optimized situation. We call this step reversed engineering.

Training and Coaching

We believe strongly in training and coaching Sales people and Team on a regular basis. If you see sales a top sport you should act like this. All Top athletes and team train on a regulair basis to improve their (new)  skills and learn to work together. Coaching on the job is essential to implement the new learned skills in the most effective way.


To build the best Sales Teams and stay on top recruitment is of significant importance. Due to the economic growth, it is becoming more difficult to find the right people. BenchJack has several partnerships with the best Recruiters to get you the best young professionals out of the market. 


"If you know the right KPI's, then you know what to train and improve to get better results." Wouter van der Horst


BenchJack is a network of independent professionals with each his /her own discipline(s). We support companies and foundations in determining and implementing the right commercial strategy and activities to be sustainable successful. The market forces companies to innovate faster to compete. Jack aims to optimize returns on existing and new commercial activities. Jack improves results by training, coaching Sales people and Sales Teams. We also provide Interim Management and Consultancy. In addition, we develop and implement together with the client new business strategies, business models, concepts and propositions. The road to succes starts by identifying the goals of your company and analyzing the current state. We have driven this road to succes often, so let us be your navigator!



We build in '12 Steps' a completely new Outbound Sales Department


Wouter van der Horst

Founder Wouter van der Horst has been working since 1995 in various commercial management positions in the media industry. Has built a strong network, and an excellent track record.

He is passionate about working with people who want to make a difference. People who are serious about change, facing the challenges and taking responsibility. Wouter is a result driven inspirational manager with his roots in the triangle of sales, marketing and media. Knows how to develop individual talents and connecting them with each other to build winnings teams. Pragmatic and creative thinker who, by the use of situational leadership and (social) innovation, transformed various organizations and teams successfully. Read below what people say about Wouter.

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Ruud Bijl, Director Operations SANOMA

'There are not many Interim Managers who can, in addition to create a vision, implement that vision'

Mark Termeer, Managing Director Adfo Groep, Young & Connected

'His creative angles are inspiring, his open and directness work refreshingly during discussions!'

Wouter van der Meulen, CCO WPG

'Often a Sales Director is either a very competent manager, well equipped to manage his sales team, or he is a real 'flyer', capable of looking outside in, see market chances and act upon that. The combination of the two is rare, and that is the core competence of Wouter'



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